Southeastern United States
Travel Photographer

I am an internationally published travel photographer based in Abingdon, Virginia. Throughout the year I travel around the Southeastern United States shooting photos of landscapes, entertainment, urban settings, environmental portraiture, food, lodging, and festivals. I have previously shot photos on assignment and freelance in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and several National Parks and Scenic Trails. I work for hire for small businesses, tourism departments and agencies, and travel publications as well as licensing all my travel photography. I also enjoy working on short and long-term photography projects, such as The Grand Strand series of photo books, photographing the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, and working on several photo book and photo essays.

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Magazines and Publishers

Tourism Departments

Small Businesses

For Hire or Licensing

Photo Projects

I work on assignment to meet the needs of magazine and publishing photo editors. Even when not on assignment, I shoot a variety of camera angles and orientations to meet the future demand of any publication. Most photography on my site is available for licensing to publications.

Each year chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, and travel agencies comprise my biggest clients. I work with people at these departments to provide the photos throughout all seasons of the year for use on their websites, advertising, and in their printed materials.

Locally owned or operated businesses in the travel industry can also benefit from my services as a photographer. Small businesses can pay a one-time fee to have access to all photos of their business I may shoot throughout the entire year.

All my photography is available for licensing to businesses and publications for use digitally or in print. I am also available for hire on a daily or long-term basis to capture the photos you need. I work with your needs either in licensing or assignments to provide the photos you need.

I always have a few projects I'm shooting at once ranging from photo essays to photo books. Some projects take only a few weeks to shoot while others will take years to complete. View this page to learn more about my projects, the status of the project, and how to view photos of complete projects.

Donations to the International Dark-Sky Association

I support the efforts of the International Dark-Sky Association to preserve our night skies so we can see the stars, save on energy costs, and protect the wildlife. For that reason, I am proud to say I donate 20% of all print sales of photos featuring stars or star trails to the IDA to help with their fight to preserve the night.

You can visit my Star Fields or Star Trails galleries to view the photos from which I will make donations, or you can use the keyword "idadarksky" to view all the photos on my search page. I will donate 20% of all print sales of any photos tagged with "idadarksky" to the International Dark-Sky Association.

Donations to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The Appalachian Trail is one of my favorite places to visit for 2-3 weeks each year. As I walk the trails, sleep in the shelters, use stone steps to climb down into ravines, I realize a lot of work must go into maintaining this national treasure.

In order to help out as much as I can, I am happy to announce I will donate 20% of all print sales of any Appalachian Trail photo to the Conservancy to help with all their efforts. You can visit my Appalachian Trail gallery or use the keyword "atc" to view all photos that are eligible for my donation.